Once again Fluent Image had the privilege to be working with Bryan Singers team, this time along side award winning VFX supervisor Richard Stammers.

Navigating a full Da Vinci Resolve front end dailies workflow into Editorial, Fluent Image were able to adapted their tools to maintain the close relationship between Editorial and VFX.


Director: Bryan Singer
VFX Supervisor: Richard Stammers
Cinematographer: Newton Tomas Sigel
Studio: 20C Fox
Release: May 2014

  • ARRI RAW .ari > DPX
  • Phantom .cin > DPX
  • Red RAW > DPX
  • Duel stream DNX115 > H264
  • Quad split image reference files
  • CDL, LUT
  • Technologies

  • ARRI
  • Phantom
  • Red
  • Codex
  • Black Magic Design
  • 3Ality
  • Autodesk¬†Smoke